Golden Sovereign Initiation 2018


“The most adventurous journey to embark on; is the journey to yourself, the most exciting thing to discover; is who you really are, the most treasured pieces that you can find; are all the pieces of you, the most special portrait you can recognize; is the portrait of your soul.”    C JoyBell C


The work of this 5 weekend training is to bring your mature, joyful Sovereign to the centre of your being and your kingdom. On this training your king builds your soulful kingdom as he gathers together all the many regions, the various territories, of your mind, your body, your actions, your feelings, your ordinary grounded life, and your deep transcendental spirituality.

This is your king’s endeavour, to craft your rich, fertile kingdom from a stance of deep, inclusive honouring and loving blessing.


Your healing and maturing is husbanded by your king as he makes relationship with all parts of yourself, loving and honouring your mind, character and feelings fully into life and right relationship.

Your abundant soulful king thus creates a kingdom that blesses everyone who enters it. As the Sovereign you create a safe haven heaven on earth.

Our King king doesn’t just suddenly appear fully formed. He crafts himself into being. During this training your Sovereign will deliberately craft himself and all parts of his kingdom with the care and sensibility of an artist. He knows that his kingship will not just pour into his kingdom automatically, but needs to be encouraged and attended to with skill and gentle, but strong, affectionate attention.

The Golden Sovereign’s first attention is to settle your kingdom. He gets to know you inside out by seeking, watching, cultivating, tending, and including all the parts of who you are.


“Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. 
Embracing our vulnerabilities is risky but not nearly as dangerous as giving up on love and belonging and joy—the experiences that make us the most vulnerable. 
Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” Brené Brown


Your King asks questions.

  • What in my earlier life have I suppressed within myself?

  • What about myself have I denied and put out of sight?

  • What is in myself that I have lost sight of?


Your Sovereign’s intention here is to craft your kingly world, not into normality and satisfied adjustment, but to a richly elaborate life, deeply and profoundly connected in your heart, to your society, to nature, to your family, friends, spirit and your ancestors.

Here your king invokes the mysteries of your soul, inspiring all parts of yourself to blossom according to your own particular designs and to flower according to your own unpredictable beauty. Your king is not trying to solve the puzzle of your life. Rather he wants to deeply appreciate its many mysteries, the strange blend of light and darkness that is the grand complex poetry of your being.


Your king cares for your being by being attentively familiar with its ways. His observation is one of richly honouring, seeking to lovingly nurture and bless. He seeks to care, not to cure. He looks for the messages in your soul’s manifestations. With an open mind he enquires into the illness, the weakness, the remorse, the uncomfortable feelings, the depression and the anxiety, seeking their course and origins. He doesn't want to cut them out, to surgically remove them, to fix or cure them. He wants to observe them to find out why they're calling for his attention. He is searching for what has been disowned, what has been neglected, or pushed out of reach.

He is not interested in fixing, changing or perfecting his kingdom. A trouble free future is not his ideal. He wants a present full of longing, feeling, pain, pleasure, failure, success, even darkness and loss. All of these enrich your kingdom with experience, challenge, self-knowledge and self-acceptance.  

Over these 5 weekends your sovereign will seek to give each part of his psyche, each archetype operating within, each internal character, its authentic voice. He seeks to see each one with special sovereign attention, to welcome them all and to create a safe honoured space for each. He encourages forward the previously rejected parts, the ‘problem’ parts, the lost and split off parts, the challenging parts, the collapsed parts. He doesn’t judge, shy away from, reject, or moralise about these parts. Your king fearlessly includes your oddities, your quirks, your shadow tendencies, all the strange landscapes of your being.

“To be ourselves we must have ourselves – possess, if need be re-possess, our life-stories. We must “recollect” ourselves, recollect the inner drama, the narrative, of ourselves. A man needs such a narrative, a continuous inner narrative, to maintain his identity, his self.”   Oliver Sacks.


Ongoing loving care is your King's intention. He gives his steadfast time to watch and listen, searching the deeper mysteries that lie within your daily life. Your king  ferments with yourself, his realm. He sits with your suffering, digests your problems into opportunities for depth, finds your angel within your beast. He welcomes all of you, and so builds his character.

Over time, by watching your thoughts, your behaviour and feelings, and by listening to the hints in your symptoms, your Sovereign  recognises, welcomes, thanks and includes more and more of yourself. These kingly actions by your Sovereign serve to define, build and deepen your kingship. In time your king becomes strong, solid and stable. You are now able to remain in your king, and to stay present holding all of who you are. As king you no longer become, or believes yourself to be, your individual parts playing out. You stay as the king, watching but not becoming your mind, feeling your emotions but not being them, appreciating your character and achievements but not believing you are them. 


“Only someone who is ready for everything, who doesn't exclude any experience, even the most incomprehensible, will live the relationship with another person as something alive and will himself sound the depths of his own being.” 
Rainer Maria Rilke.


Having created and settled your kingdom, your king is ready for the second part of your soulful flowering. Your king has created his beautiful deep soulful home into which you can release your original golden genius. So, your sovereign, in practiced presence, turns to liberate your genius into your kingdom, that very quality that will give your world what it truly wants from you, and at the same time fulfil your own genius longing to express yourself.


“When your energy vibrates at a frequency that is within direct alignment to what the Universe has been attempting to deliver your entire life, you begin to live in the flow and true miracles start to happen.”
Panache Desai

“We’re our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.”

Tom Robbins

“I overcame myself, the sufferer; I carried my own ashes to the mountains; I invented a brighter flame for myself. And behold, then this ghost fled from me.”


“ find your genius by looking in the mirror of your life. 
Your visible image shows your inner truth”.

James Hillman

“The final mystery is oneself. When one has weighed the sun in the balance, and measured the steps of the moon, and mapped out the seven heavens star by star, there still remains oneself. Who can calculate the orbit of his own soul?” 

Oscar Wilde

“I hold a beast, an angel, and a madman in me, and my enquiry is as to their working, and my problem is their subjugation and victory, down throw and upheaval, and my effort is their self-expression.” 

Dylan Thomas.

© 2017 Hugh Newton

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