On this 5 weekend Sovereign initiation your King will construct his kingship by taking all parts of yourself into his compassionate attentive heart Kingdom. He will invite, love, bless, and  honour all of who you are.

Your warm loving and truly non-judgemental inclusive King will establish himself as the true ruler of your home kingdom, the safe heart harbour for all the scattered parts of yourself.

Your King will turn towards all the parts of yourself that have been excluded, lost and left behind to invite them for healing, evolution and integration.

These include the parts that:

  • feel unloveable and feel you can’t love properly, that feel wounded, betrayed, hurt and grieved by broken relationships and deep loss,

  • feel isolated and lonely, that struggle with chaotic destructive behaviour and addiction,

  • feel you can’t be successful, can’t make an abundant living, don’t really exist in any concrete way, are not worthy of a good life and can’t stand up for yourself,

  • try too hard, work too much, don’t know how to relax and play or nurture yourself,

  • feel you have to pretend and put on a mask to be loved,

  • feel you must manipulate yourself and others to stay safe and be in control,

  • feel you must hide what is dark or awful about yourself,

  • feel you cannot be free and authentic,

  • feel you must be less than your true beauty and brilliance by staying small to keep others happy,

  • feel you are not good enough so you cannot allow your gold to shine.

On the final weekend your King will be crowned in community to fully establish him as the gifted heart centre and wise ruler of your Kingdom. 

© 2017 Hugh Newton

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