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The Book

The Sovereign - A Path to Maturity

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Sovereign refers to the core principle of inner Kingship which this book aims to develop. The three other main archetypes in the male psyche are The Magician, The Warrior and The Lover. They need to come into balance themselves as qualities and then relate in a healthy manner to the inner King.

This book provides the background knowledge to develop this Kingship.

Online Learning

The Golden Sovereign - A Path to Maturity

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This course provides you with a map of the human psyche. A way to understand human beings. A way to understand yourself. Which will help you to relate to and understand yourself and others. Which will help you support yourself, your family, friends and collegues.

 We work with the understanding that you are the source of all your actions, reactions, feelings and emotions. All comes from inside yourself. This means that you can find and mature the source of all that you are and all that you do.


 It is so valuable to understand yourself. If you don’t know your own nature and character you are stumbling along in the half-dark. You will find yourself caught off guard by your own behaviour. You say to others “I don’t know what came over me”. You will feel helpless, confused and ashamed when you repeat the same mistakes. You have self-destructive patterns you cannot control or stop. You have a compulsive part of you which leads you into trouble.


If you know who you are, you know your destiny.

Zoom Course

Sovereign - A Practical Guide to Building a Whole Man

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Everything you would  get from the Online Course with the addition of being  personally taken through every process by an experienced man to get the most out of it.

In-Person Course

Golden Sovereign - A Practical Guide to Building a Whole Man

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I joyfully introduce to you the Golden Sovereign Training. Are you ready to take your final step, into your true sovereignty? Are you ready to step into your true mature, integrated King? Are you ready to hold all of yourself in confident joyful sovereignty? Our king does not just appear fully formed. Our king needs to be built, practiced and crowned.

On this 5 weekend Golden Sovereign Training you will build your kingship by bringing all parts of yourself into relationship with your loving compassionate king. On the last weekend your king will be crowned so that you can henceforth live from your true embodied sovereign.

This sovereign initiation is for men who have done a certain amount of their own work and who are ready to step into their true sovereignty. This training will provide the opportunity for you to step fully and permanently into your king.