A Practical Guide for Building a Whole Man

A series of courses to enable you to know your whole self and transform your life

These courses offer a practical guide on how to become a complete man, to become the best man you can be, using archetypes, visualization, poetry and many exercises. Its creator, Hugh Newton, works full-time in the contemporary men’s movement and has  connections in mens groups around the world.

Since Iron John by Robert Bly in the nineties, there has not been an essential guide to men’s work. This is the field that Hugh Newton has worked in full time for more than twenty years.


There are many self-help books and courses for men but none are as practical and easy to follow as SOVERIEGN

A Practical Guide to Building a Whole Man.


It can really transform dysfunctional masculinity, it is not culture specific and therefore works for men anywhere in the world.

Hugh Newton - Creator

This work is for men who know there’s something wrong – with the world and with their own lives.

The title Sovereign refers to the core principle of inner Kingship which these courses develop. The three other archetypes in the male psyche are The Magician, The Warrior and The Lover. They need to come into balance themselves as qualities and then relate in a healthy manner to the inner King. The exercises and guided work in these courses are expressly designed to build up these relationships.

This is not a chop down trees, work-out and join a tribe sort of course. It’s one that makes you stand still, look within and really work on those messy and out of control impulses that are pushing away inside.